Homespun Family

Weavings, rugs, hand-spun yarns, chair caning

A little something about us



I come from a 4 generation family who has worked  primarily in creating traditional rag rugs and textured rugs.  I still weave the traditional rugs, but now, I also weave rugs, décor mats, runners,etc from our own Jacob Sheep and Alpaca fibers and various other wools & llama fiber.

My family own "Faircloth Jacob Sheep"Raising/breeding quality Jacob Sheep in Central Iowa

This is a rare breed of sheep that produces a wonderful black & white wool. This breed of sheep has a very interesting history and is a very hardy sheep.

We are a member of Shave Em" to Save Em"  Group.  And have wools available through this program.

We have packaged fiber and skeins of yarn available from the Jacob Sheep, as well as our alpaca and also some llama fiber.


All of our spun yarn is done the "old fashioned" way - by hand!


     Rugs and other items are always on hand so if you are unable to make it to any shows and are interested in an item - feel free to contact us. We are proud of our creations and love to share them! 

And feel free to browse our online shop at:


Our family is very talented and we give God the glory for each individual talent. It is our hope that we will be able to pass this art down to many generations to come!